A person, totally human. I paint, code, and mess around.

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My Projects

Collection of 625 experimental artworks + occasional audio I made. Each day 2 new pieces revealed.
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Sketching web-app. Drawing tools (symmetry) inspired by Alchemy (desktop app). Usable on most devices in your browser (iPad, Desktop, iPhone, Android, etc.). Also avaible as an app for Android (Play Store) & Firefox OS.


A painting tool, web-app. Features layers, filters, various brushes, quick uploading, and support for many platforms (tablets).


Sketching exercise web-app. Study from references with a time limit to improve your drawing & observation skills.


Various small visual and interactive experiments. Exploration of possibly new creative tools.


Extruder for Ludum Dare Compo #26 (Winner in Innovation)
Nano Spin for Ludum Dare Compo #23
Elastic Prison for Ludum Dare Compo #21
Becoming for Ludum Dare Compo #25

Things by other people


Abrash Blog Michael Abrash talks virtual/augmented reality
Bompo Buddy with whom I've worked on a few projects
Bret Victor Inspiring interfaces and great reading list
Collin Kravis Independent musician, new album NRWN KSR
Jeff&Casey Show Weekly podcast about McGruff the Crime Dog
Johannes V. Photography and architectural design
Marcello Creator of 2draw.net and much more
Kloxboy Painter with very expressive pieces
The Witness Upcoming game by the creator of Braid

Watch People Work

"The most I learned from more experienced designers is by watching them work and sitting with them to help them, not by talks or design books, which are often a (wrong) rationalization of their work or are missing key information that the designer deemed irrelevant or not developed enough to include." - Daniel Benmergui

Compiler Coding Jonathan Blow working on a compiler for a new language
Handmade Hero Casey Muratori live-coding a full game from scratch
Just Producing Tom Cosm making music in Ableton Live
Zedig Painting Creating a fantasy character

Neat Books

The Signal And The Noise Creativity Inc. Understanding Comics The Design of Everyday Things The Animator's Survival Kit Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain